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Welcome to Light Impressions - suppliers of security holograms and anti-counterfeit solutions.

Throughout the world, including the UK, branded products, security documents and ID & travel documents are being counterfeited at an alarming rate. Security holograms offer a unique solution to product and document counterfeiting providing unambiguous visual authentication that requires no external device or reader for verification. For over twenty years holograms have been proven to work – they are amongst the most effective means of authentication available.

Holograms can be applied to almost any surface either as a label, a laminate, or hot-stamping foil. The range of items to which they can be applied is huge. Light Impressions have supplied holograms and Optically Variable Devices (OVDs) to go onto documents as diverse as banknotes and bus tickets. Our holograms are used protect products such as tea, coffee, tobacco, shampoo, medicines, books, car parts - anything in fact from soap to software.

Based in the UK, Light Impressions International Ltd supply low-cost security holograms in large numbers for clients throughout the world - over a billion security holograms annually are supplied to protect government documents and commercial branded products.

Inexpensive desktop publishing technology, readily available and untraceable, has made document counterfeiting a lucrative and relatively risk free criminal pursuit.

depression treatment At Light Impressions we have over 20 years experience of deterring document counterfeiters by protecting documents with anti-counterfeit devices that are easy to recognise and difficult to copy.

Find out more about how we can help protect your document against counterfeiting by clicking on the group that most closely fits your document.

Government: banknotes, Government stationery, tax revenue stamps, licences. skip hire book online

Commercial: gift vouchers, deeds of ownership, stocks, bonds, transit tickets, venue tickets.

If you think that your products might be at risk from counterfeiting and you know what you are looking for then contact us.
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